Overactive Cerebral Cortex

I don’t expect anything

I just turn to stone

My heart tries to escape my rib cage

I just feel achy, tired, and alone

Whether I’m the queen of England

Or a beggar trash maid

There should be no room in my mind 

But these memories replayed

Scenes project from my eye

call it out as a lie

brain is just running

Chasing for a why

I don’t want a mess

I am not…

Sometimes I feel sad

love what I  have more.

Karma Tether

One flash of his countenance strikes like lightning then thunder

Just got to remember to breathe so I don’t get pulled under

So many sensations in my core, I just need to gently wash with a brush and soap

I need my energy to make abundance and hope.

Sheild of Pride

I have no right to feel so bad unless I want to be ill​

It’s just as wrong as taking money from another’s till.

 There are shining gems and jewels in the heart

Like grains of sand, ticking time, they glitter into the dark.

Don’t let it go to waste

Do the good you wish with haste

All we have to do is help,

state the facts clearly,

make room for mistakes,

just stay in a good mood.

It shouldn’t be so hard [I tell myself]

To make a good memory

Silent Boo in the Crowds

She thought she saw him again with three fingers pointed at his right temple, through a dark windshield. He had a stern look on his face. 

She knew he wasn’t a Polish soldier or a boy scout, maybe he was trying to get her to read between the lines? 

“Well that’s just fine. I’m seeing things” She thought, I have better things to think about. She thought again, “He must have been thinking about something he doesn’t want to.” 

All day she felt pain in her stomach, nauseated and feverished her mind was too occupied trying to figure out, tasks needed to be said aloud to be heard by her own brain, “Did I do or say something wrong?” these thoughts rambled. She had deleted some embarrassingly​ biting opinion that had not really supported the main idea in one of her blogs the day before, it was totally off base. “Well, I’ll have to go through more and be more careful. I don’t want to offend an entire demographic.” she thought sadly….

Caught in the Rain and Snow

The words he spelled on her 

softly sprinkled in the waters of her mind.

She wanted to learn more about him but knew that path for her would be cold as sleet.

When you’re walking through the snow it shows where one has put their feet.

So she just stands frozen in her place. Does she really need to see?

She smiles, still shivers, and thinks not, honestly.

Only one thing is sure about him is that he is seeking a fortune.



 Cold steel piercing the flesh of animals, people, the trees, and the earth.

Black ink on the flat world to mark their territory with strong magick.

Voices echoing around the globe despite the quiet truths hiding in skillful busy minds and hearts.

The byproducts do not fit in the system at the expense of the rocks that have held for millions of years.

Obliged to drive, dark circles, vacant stare.

A broken civilization may turn from their seemingly barren lands to set off to gain new, but when will they ask, “Where are we (and our children) really going?”

Territory – http://wp.me/p23sd-13Mk

“A nation that destroys it’s soil, destroys itself” Franklin D. Roosafelt.

How Can You Buy the Air?


The chaga growing on birch bark makes a sweet tea

But I never take too much and hug the ailing tree.

St. John is my friend I gather once a year

[July 23rd], he waits in my cupboard to take away my fear.

Motherwort is growing in this cold rainy March

I’ll get a little nibble to ease my aching heart.

If I need some greens, I needn’t go far

Chick weed and dandelion are always fresh on the ground like a salad bar.

Chickory and Dandelion roots, boiled for awhile

Are​ a great tonic and cleanser of the bile.

But don’t take my word for it [some plants can make you sick]. Read as much as you can.

Find someone who knows everything about plants to help you understand.