Scared, would I let down?

We must survive the elements

Your back to my back

No doubt, mind is clear

I know there’s ways I can help

Wisdom, gratitude

As the Imaginary Cake Flies 23 Light Years Away

One day I thought about how I’d feel if I asked someone I really liked if they would like a piece of cake. And I thought, what would they say if they didn’t want any? I decided the sexiest way to decline would be a very simple, “No, thank you”. And that’s what I say when I have enough serotonin to feel I don’t want or need anything with processed sugar in it. I imagine how likable that is and somehow I don’t need that sugar.

Then I discovered, things with sugar in it can be composted. And that is really good for plants, and bad for plant eating bugs because they don’t even have a pancreas. But I realized, unwrapping chocolate is dangerous to my will power and it needs to be done quickly without looking or smelling it too much or it will mysteriously end up in my mouth. But, how I love to Chuck it into the forest. 🙂

Thankful for Neighbors

My son got me out of the house one day. He was excited about Christmas tins. On a picnic table there were items being given away. I picked out a metal food lid for my guy, who is always covering his food with bowls. We still use it. 🙂

It’s so awesome that our children got to play together. We made little fairy houses. And my son​ had lots of fun. He would ask to go visit often.


I found you shaking your ass in a crummy gogo bar on North and Vine. You had no rhythm and you looked like a peacock on ecstasy. I didn’t really want to but I asked you out for coffee out of pitty and you agreed. You carried me through the flooded parking lot with your 3 inch stilettos and dropped me only once. The coffee was shit but the cup was enormous.

—by Christopher Viktora

Out There

Do the best you can

Figure out what you don’t know

Get yourself a yeild

I’m not here to judge

I only want to inspire

You don’t have to change

Take a walk outside

Surrounded by lit crystals

We are not alone

In a cloud

I must be a fart

He walks away in an arc

That will teach my heart

Sometimes I’m busy

I don’t see people walk by

Or I’m self conscious

Why should I feel bad?

I just want to be myself

Learn and feel better


Mourning Haiku

It’s cold throughout me

Though I’m wearing four layers

I need some coffee

I must feed the cat

If I don’t she eats the frogs

Keep her supervised

I must feed my heart

Languishing soul in my chest

Do not disturb please

Allergic to that

When it gets under my skin

Need something to soothe

Take the deepest​ breath

Hot water, poison ivy

hurt is good when relieved

Pick up, hug kitty

She claws, purrs, and wags her tail

Fluffy pain relief

Anxiety Haiku

Not scared of people

Except when he comes around

He is a wizard

When he comes walking

My core becomes an urchin

My head is shrinking

I think that is cool

Because when the spell is done

I like the puzzle

When I lost that time

I was searching through the books

I found so much more

tried to talk to you

I had to take care of me

Family comes first

Sleep brings me refuge

When the moon pulls on my heart

Breakfast makes me strong

Sometimes loneliness

Gives love it’s greatest value

Like the yin and yang

I’m glad I have love

When I really need a hug

It eases my pain