As the Imaginary Cake Flies 23 Light Years Away

One day I thought about how I’d feel if I asked someone I really liked if they would like a piece of cake. And I thought, what would they say if they didn’t want any? I decided the sexiest way to decline would be a very simple, “No, thank you”. And that’s what I say when I have enough serotonin to feel I don’t want or need anything with processed sugar in it. I imagine how likable that is and somehow I don’t need that sugar.

Then I discovered, things with sugar in it can be composted. And that is really good for plants, and bad for plant eating bugs because they don’t even have a pancreas. But I realized, unwrapping chocolate is dangerous to my will power and it needs to be done quickly without looking or smelling it too much or it will mysteriously end up in my mouth. But, how I love to Chuck it into the forest. 🙂


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